NEW EP | Rosevelt Country | NEW EP

16 year old Rosevelt is finally driving down the dirt-stompin’ highway with her NEW EP: Rosevelt Country.  Take a listen and purchase or add to your favorite streaming playlist!


Impactful Assemblies to Keep Kids Safe!

#RoseveltsChallenge    |    #5toomany   |   My Childhelp Fundraiser

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month – #RoseveltsChallenge and #5toomany campaign was able to raise nearly $10,000 for Childhelp.  Be on the lookout for another challenge to help kids for the holidays!

Here’s a montage video of many of the wonderful people showing their support for #RoseveltsChallenge and the #5toomany campaign.

Rosevelt and Childhelp

(L to R)  Carol Hebets, Yvonne Fedderson, Rosevelt, Sara O’Meara and Jim Hebets at Childhelp Wings Event 2018.

Celebrity Youth Ambassador


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