Rise Up (Fundraiser for Erin)


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This is a really hard time for everyone and this song particularly hits home to me. My friend Erin Eileen-Photography(mother of 4 kids & an amazing husband) was diagnosed a few weeks ago with Leukemia.  As you can imagine, it’s been a long and tiring road in the mist of Covid-19.

This song speaks to my soul and hope that it does for you too. We all have our dark times and we all need to RISE UP and know that we have strength to overcome any obstacle. So even though this song is dedicated to Erin, to let her know we are all here to help her RISE UP through this challenge, I’m sure there’s a message in these lyrics for others as well.

May God bless Erin and her family right now. And may God bless you through your struggles. You are not alone.  Always remember that it was HE who did RISE UP triumphantly from the grave to overcome all things with love.

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